A Bubble in Index Funds?

Substantial inflows into passive funds over the last decade have led to speculation that a bubble is forming.  The lack of security-level analysis when investing in passive funds suggests stock prices are being distorted by record inflows.  ACG reviews the historical data, including recent market dislocations, and identifies whether a tipping point has been reached.

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Collapsing Yields and Concerning Curves

Given the existence of low or even negative yields, investors are increasingly challenged with sourcing incremental income. The recent inversion of the US Treasury curve has also heightened concern about a near-term economic recession. ACG explains the implications of the yield curve and potential portfolio impacts going forward.

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Under-Saved and Overconfident

Over the past 40 years, creating and maintaining financial security has become more of a personal endeavor.  Despite record aggregate levels of US wealth, large portions of the population appear quite vulnerable. 

ACG reviews spending and saving habits, and discusses the importance of maintaining realistic return expectations to achieve long-term goals. 

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U.S. Labor Market - How Low Can Unemployment Go?

Millions of new jobs have been created since 2010, with unemployment close to its lowest level since the late '60s.  Though the U.S. has experienced one of the longest economic expansions ever, wage growth has been modest. 

ACG answers why full employment has been difficult to reach, and what data the unemployment rate is missing. 

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