Are Investors Becoming Complacent?

Risk assets have continued their rally in 2021 as investors discount an end to the pandemic and a surge in global economic growth. Valuations across traditional stocks and bonds remain elevated. More complex segments of the financial markets, including crypto-currencies and SPACs are being inflated by speculation and social media momentum. Are investors becoming complacent?

US Banking System & The Economy – Are Things Getting Better or Worse?

Bank failures, tighter monetary policy, and rising fear of a “hard landing” have heightened economic uncertainty. Despite indications of an impending recession, the stock market has rallied year-to-date, inflation has decreased, supply chains have improved, and the labor market has remained strong. In light of the recent market turbulence, investors are reacting to any news, positive or negative, in search of clarity about the future.

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Viral Adaptation – Three Years of Market Evolution

Three years since the inception of the Covid pandemic, market adaptation remains a work in process. Inflation and monetary policy drive daily volatility, but other risks could arise and investors should be prepared for additional challenges.

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China - Healing Self-Inflicted Wounds?

After rapid growth in recent decades, China now seeks to steer its economy toward a slower, more sustainable growth path. Recent policy initiatives have pummeled China’s consumer confidence and stock prices. In late 2022, the Chinese government eased some of its more restrictive policies in efforts to catalyze future growth. Given this change, how should investors be positioned?

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Restoring the Foundation in Fixed Income

The rise in US Treasury yields in 2022 resulted in sizable losses for fixed income investors.  The silver lining is that fixed income assets can now provide a more meaningful contribution to portfolio results going forward.

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