Are Investors Becoming Complacent?

Risk assets have continued their rally in 2021 as investors discount an end to the pandemic and a surge in global economic growth. Valuations across traditional stocks and bonds remain elevated. More complex segments of the financial markets, including crypto-currencies and SPACs are being inflated by speculation and social media momentum. Are investors becoming complacent?

Deploying Cash into a Volatile Market

Liquidity soared in 2021, in part due to record amounts of dry powder in the private equity system and an accommodative IPO market.  Investors often debate whether to reinvest cash all at once or stage in over time, and this can be further complicated during periods of heightened market volatility.  History suggests investors are better off deploying capital immediately, but in truth there is no one-size-fits-all solution for everyone.

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The Growing Opportunity in Alternative Real Estate

Alternative real estate property types are a growing area of interest due to their strong historical returns and diversification benefits. ACG explains the opportunities and risks associated with this asset class as well as the importance of identifying managers with the necessary scale and expertise to outperform.

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Russia/Ukraine Conflict

After weeks of escalating tensions, the Russian military invaded Ukrainian borders. As risk assets decline and emotions run high, investors should be cautious about making drastic portfolio changes.

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US Equities Win Again – Time to Abandon Non-US Equities?

US large caps have outperformed non-US equities over the past decade, fueled by sector concentration and a small subset of stocks. Investors and allocators alike are faced with the question – what needs to happen for non-US equities to outperform US equities?

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