Asset Consulting Group is an investment consulting firm focused exclusively on providing comprehensive, customized and objective investment advice to a select group of clients.


This year, we celebrate our 30th anniversary in business - an exciting and meaningful milestone. We are proud of all that we have accomplished and grateful for the countless relationships we have forged along the way, and we enter the next decade with much anticipation and excitement!


Experienced Leadership

Our experience as investment consultants dates back to 1975, when our founding principals established one of the first institutional consulting practices in the country. Generations later, our practice has grown and now spans a diversified and nationwide client base.

At ACG, our success and longevity are a result of the depth and stability of our team, our accuracy and innovation, our expert research, and the custom solutions we provide to our clients.


Our Team

Our team members consistently provide a wide range of knowledge and experience, spanning a broad range of the investment realm.


We advise to over 100 billion dollars in client assets. Our structure combines the resources of a large organization with the flexibility you would expect from a smaller firm.


Our Managing Directors have worked together at ACG for an average of 18 years, providing both consistency and continuity in our approach and process.


Our senior investment professionals have over 250 years of collective industry experience in various sectors including investment management, securities trading, custody, real estate mortgage banking and the public accounting industries.

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We provide comprehensive investment counsel and a full scope of investment consulting services.

  • Investment Policy
  • Custodian Bank
    Selection & Review
  • Investment Manager
    Search & Selection
  • Ongoing Manager
    Due Diligence
  • Asset Allocation
  • Portfolio Implementation
  • Investment Performance
    Reporting & Monitoring
  • Ongoing Portfolio Oversight
  • Portfolio Rebalancing
  • Risk Management
  • Fee Negotiation
  • Client Education
  • Impact Investing
  • Special Projects

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We are a research-driven firm. We believe in encouraging total collaboration and cross-fertilization amongst our team members, and that each client should have the advantage of the entire ACG team’s thinking.

Inflation Is Quite Misleading on Average

More subtle than shocks to growth or interest rates, inflation is often an underappreciated risk to portfolios.  Inflation becomes a problem when it is unexpected or very high, with negative implications for consumers, business, and markets.

ACG illustrates the complications of measuring inflation, the role, history, and approach of the Federal Reserve, and investor strategies going forward.

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Non-US Equities

Non-U.S. equities have significantly underperformed U.S. equities recently.  Is this likely to continue?  Should investors continue to allocate to non-U.S. equities? 

ACG examines several factors that have contributed to U.S. equity outperformance and what these imply for continued outperformance going forward.

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Long-Term Investing – It’s Not Always Easy!

With the expectation of enhancing wealth through time, investing is a long-term exercise.  Given human nature, investors of all levels of sophistication spend a great deal of time and energy focused on short-term events and outcomes.

ACG discusses why adopting a long-term investing approach is one of the few real edges any investor can hope to exploit.

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